Rest day. Cambridge 2

The electrics in our B&B seem a bit dodgy – the lights dimmed when we put the kettle on – they shouldn’t be on the same circuit! It’s a funny little place. It’s clean enough but the decor’s a bit tired and it’s run by a bunch of young Russians, as far as we can tell, so there’s no banter to be had with the landlord like you usually get in such places. The breakfast was a bit meagre, but as I never have a cooked breakfast, OK for me.

The main reason we came to Cambridge was to see the exhibits at the Scott Polar Institute, so we walked over there and had a look around. Some good exhibits and the staff were very helpful. It’s a bit smaller than I was imagining, but no less interesting for that. After a coffee we had a wander around the art at The Fitzwilliam Museum, and then bought a takeaway lunch to eat on “the backs”. It was a really great, sunny day, ideal for wandering around the lawns and cityscapes of Cambridge. In the evening we had a look at the cinemas but couldn’t find anything we especially wanted to see (Jules was going to see the new Jane Eyre back in Oxford on Wednesday), so we settled for for a cheap curry at a curry house that had the weirdest tasting curry – there was definitely something odd about it!