Oxford parkrun 20:51

Amazingly (given how often I run/race), it’s taken me until today to get round to doing a parkrun. A spur-of-the-minute decision just before leaving work on Friday afternoon saw me walking out the building with a sheaf of barcodes in hand. After all, I had nothing better to do on Saturday morning.  Although… I must admit that I would normally treat myself to a bit of a lie-in on Saturday as I usually have an early start the rest of the week, and the hair-shirt in me says that as Oxford parkrun is only 9½ km away, I should be cycling there which is FAR too much hassle for before 9am. But today I had no excuse and got up early for the trundle on my bike around the ring road cycle path.

A nice, crisp morning greeted us and after a brief intro from today’s race director where I put my hand up as a newby, we were off. The first 200m were fast and then I remembered I’ve got Coventry half tomorrow and backed off a bit! Good fun all round and I guess fairly informal, it was nice to have something short and sharp under my belt before 10am even if my sore hip didn’t appreciate it much, and a bit of a chat to some familiar faces and another parkrun first timer friend-of-a-friend. And then as I was warming down I saw another face I recognised from Fetch – iPLOD was out for a run too – so I introduced myself and we finished another half lap together, chatting about running and so on, like you do.

Then I just had an easy cycle into town for a coffee and some dull stuff to do at my bank. Sorted.