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Ex-swimmer, runner, rower and sometime cyclist. 2h45 marathon PB/1h16 half-marathon. 2k erg PB 6:44, and 16235m in 1 hour. Cycling PBs 20:22 for 10 miles, all the way up to 461 miles for 24 hours.

A pure endurance athlete – genes inherited from  my mum who was a good long-distance walker in her youth and when she took up running in her 60s set quite a few world veteran age records from 5k up to marathon. I was recommended swimming to cure my asthma when I was very young, and then took up cross-country running as a teenager. Even as a 10-year-old, training for school sports days and so on, I knew I didn’t have any kick for the end of an 800/1500 and would rely on a long finish to burn off the opposition (it didn’t always work). My 20s were frittered away with chronic shin splints (now, I find out, due to the fashion for heavily cushioned running shoes which did me no favours at all). I smoked and drank. I took up cycling in my 30s, finding I had a real talent for soaking up long hours in the saddle and racing hard over the longer distances – I won the first 12-hour time trial I entered. Over the last 10 years I’ve done most of what I set out to do on the bike so I’ve moved back to running and thence triathlon, where the training’s more varied and I’m picking up age group wins. I’m not the fastest runner, but put a bike ride first and I’m more evenly matched with the run specialists.

Age 49

Height 1.78m
Weight: 68-74kg

HR max: 179
HR at threshold: 160
HR Rest: 44

Est. VO2max: 55-65 ml/kg/min


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Read your about me story.
    Quite amazing….in a way you could be my younger twin brother! I will be 63 in August.
    Had a long sporting career but since a kid…same like you sports day at school triggered my apetite for T&F. Was a Javelin thrower but ruined my body with weight-lifting. All joint gone but very active on the Erg for the last 10 years and our performances on Erg. CTC you yesterday and I today were more or less similar:
    1.300 0:04:41,5
    1.100 0:03:57,1
    900 0:03:11,7
    700 0:02:25,8
    My best performance now are FM at 2:47:00 and as cycling my was passion when young bought a new one recently.

    Anyway good luck with your training. Great to see!!!

    Robert Snapper (Pargo)
    I am Dutch but live in the Algarve – Portugal

  2. Hello Oranj,
    I’m coming over to Eynsham/Witney middle of July for a day or two. It seems you live nearby. Fancy a light jog and/or drink in the evening?

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