National 100-mile TT 4:12:55

It’d been a few years since I’d entered  a national CTT time trial. In any “national” I usually finish well down the field on a fairly mundane course and it seems like a bit of a waste of my time. However, this year’s national 100 fitted in nicely with my plans and was likely to be on a decent course in South Wales DC near Raglan, which turned out to be not quite so decent, but still fast enough for some good times.

Although we had some reasonable conditions for riding a 100 (cool, not too breezy) except for the later (seeded) starters who got a soaking, I never really got up for it and after about 25 miles parked my effort and cruised to the finish just to get the miles in. My achilles was a bit sore all day, which hardly helped my demeanour, and I dropped a half-full bidon at about 30 miles. With a 2-litre camelbak I still had plenty to drink on an overcast day.

Photos: 1. Shortly after the start

2. A brief flash of sunshine at a roundabout.

[Results. 61st of 145 starters]