Newbury 12-hour TT DNS

The week after Bala I just felt tired all the time, not my usual self at all. I struggled to get any training done and in fact had three days off, felt like I was fighting off a bug. My left achilles was still very sore which wasn’t helping my confidence at all, and I wasn’t sure whether it would stand up to being pounded for 12 hours.

Coming into the weekend I hoped I’d be fresher, but it was not to be. On Saturday I went through the usual bike prep, and filling numerous drink bottles and getting some snacks ready for the day, but as soon as I got up on Sunday morning I knew I was too tired and went back to bed. I managed an easy spin around the local lanes a bit later in the morning. It was shame, because the weather was fairly benign: overcast and not too breezy. I’m not sure I’ll have time to fit in another 12-hour TT now, there are so few on the calendar these days and those that are left clash with other things I’m planning on doing. Looks like no BBAR for 2015 for me, never mind there’s plenty of other stuff to enjoy this summer.

On reflection, I should’ve taken a very easy week after the 600k audax, as I’d just done 6 weeks solid work leading up to it, but of course, trying to tease out a bit more training for the VTTA 10 and Bala Middle Tri just pushed me over the edge. 15 years ago that wouldn’t have been a problem – I’d have soaked up the overload OK. At least I know where the limit is – it’s still pretty high.