VTTA 10-mile TT championships 20:42

The week after the Beast from the East 600k I hadn’t been feeling too tired – my plan to take it easy on that ride seemed to have paid off, although a couple of training runs in the week had left me with a very sore achilles. I even had time and energy for a bit of “gardening” (basically, strimming back the weeds and brambles).

This year’s VTTA championship 10 was on the superfast V718 course, up hear Hull, so I thought it’d be a good opportunity to ride it. In the end it was the most oversubscribed 10-mile TT ever, and I just scraped in by 3 seconds!

After the long drive north I didn’t have too bad a ride, all things considered (I’d also been to a work leaving do the evening before – not ideal preparation!). My achilles didn’t seem to bother me too much in the warm up and I set off at a power I thought I should be able to maintain but clearly I was still a little jaded – and perhaps I should’ve taken it a little easier in the week before – as I just didn’t seem able to raise my game over the slight drags and into a bit of a breeze on the way back to the timekeeper. 20:42 was still a 1-second beating of the time I’d entered on, registered the year before on a quick night on the F20/10, so I can’t complain too much. I was about 8 Watts down on my best 10-mile power from 2014, but I usually hit bigger numbers when it’s warmer than this. The fastest rider (Steve Irwin) did 18:40, which shows the potential of this course.

I ditched plans to ride the Reading CC 50 the next morning – it was a cold and damp Sunday ideal for pottering about at home.