Jules runs Paris Marathon

So while I was busy dealing with my stiff unresponsive quads, Jules was quietly getting on with some decent training. With paramedic training, lectures, and shifts out on the road she was struggling to get much running done, but managed all her long runs OK (despite a bit of a scare with a stiff knee two weeks out). Cycling 7 miles to work and back several times a week was also helping. Alas, her student/running buddy Dee was out of Paris (also with a sore knee), so I stepped in to provide transport and general bag-carrying on the day.


Nervous at the start, in front of the Arc de Triomphe


I was slightly worried about taking a weekend off my prep for later in the year, but we had a fantastic time there. Apart from a short shower on our way back from the expo on Saturday, the weather couldn’t have been better for marathon running – cool and sunny. It was a bit of an odd staggered start, but I quickly worked out where I’d need to be on the metro in order to pop out and cheer Jules on her way a few times. She managed brilliantly and even managed to lift her pace in the last 10km to nip under 5 hours with a 4h57 finish, I was *so* pleased for her!


A cheeky hot dog at the finish