TVOC Saturday Series orienteering. Cutteslowe Park

After last week’s double of orienteering Saturday and Gloucester 20 Sunday, my right quad was really stiff and sore.  I didn’t manage a single run all week but by Saturday felt I could have go at this informal orienteering event. In the end, I had a good run, finishing 4th on the longest light green course. Navigation on Cutteslowe park was pretty straightforward and that enabled me to make the most of my run speed. I just made a slight error on a couple of controls. [results] With my quad in such bad shape, I’m starting to think I’ll have to ditch London Marathon this year and defer until next, something that I can do with a good-for-age place. It looks as though vet superstar Steve Way maybe struggling with injury in his lead up to London M too (although ‘struggling’ is a moot point for someone with his ability).