Gloucester 20 – 2:30:16

Coming the day after yesterday’s city orienteering race, perhaps this wasn’t the best thing for my dodgy quad. I spent most of the previous evening stretching and rollering my legs, but when I woke up on Sunday morning I knew this run was going to be tough. In the start area it was cold and cloudy in contrast to the day before, but I didn’t even bother with a cursory warm up. I was was wearing my thickest thigh compression support to try to keep the quad as warm as possible. I also wore training shoes, rather than racing flats, to trick myself into treating this as an extended training run. Being a three-lap course (with a couple of miles out-and-back to the loop) I thought I could always pull out early if my leg was giving me trouble but in the end the right quad eased up after a few kilometres and I settled into a good group. The distance seemed to tick by just fine. We had a bit of heavy drizzle on the second lap which wasn’t so welcome, but it didn’t last too long.

I had to work a bit harder over the last lap to keep my average pace up and to try to keep up with the woman from Kenilworth Runners I’d been running with – it was looking like I’d get close to 2:30, not too far off the 2:26:28 I ran here the year before – but was never in too much trouble. Approximate 5-mile splits were 37:37, 1:15:00 (37:23), 1:52:45 (37:45), 2:30:16 (37:31), nice and even.

As soon as I stopped though, 2:30:16 on the clock for 99th place and 8th MV50, I could hardly bend my right leg. It was some time before I was comfortable enough to get in the car and drive home. Not so good.