Chiltern League XC. Campbell Park, Milton Keynes

A welcome change from trudging around the local fields at Horspath, I ventured over to Milton Keynes for this round of the Chiltern League. I wasn’t expecting to be too fast, but it was also an opportunity to test out the new XC spikes I picked in a summer sale, and see if my injured toe would be OK running in them.

After a bit of a warm-up and some banter with my fellow OCAC team mates we were off. I tried to take the first half lap fairly steady but still had the feeling my chest was going to explode with the effort by the end of the first mile. After that the field split up a bit and I settled into a good run. Had a bit of a race with a few other backmarkers on the last lap and came 240th out of 342, just over 40 minutes for the 8.25km race, 33rd M50. Muddy, hilly and fast as usual, but good fun.

New spikes not so new any more

New spikes not so new any more

Warming down I had a chat to Rob, our team captain from last spring’s Teddy Hall Relays. He’s going well at the moment. He reckoned that he’d rather break a leg again than go through all the trouble he had with a fractured toe. Sounds like it’s a persistent injury to get rid of! I’m up to 5 months with it now but it is slowly getting better.