One Year Time Trial

This year, Steven Abraham is attempting to beat the “Record too dangerous to break” – Tommy Godwin’s 75065 miles in a year. It’s a crazy challenge, but if anyone can give it a go, Steve can. It all started from a thread on the YACF forum a few years ago ( and it seems that he’s had this record in mind for many years. Steve has already set a mammoth record Audax points total (, done in his spare time whilst holding down a full-time job, but for this ride he’s taken the year off and is cashing in his life savings (as well as seeking sponsorship). No-one should bet against him achieving his goal.

To start the year off (although actually he set off soon after midnight, too excited to sleep) he was riding the North Bucks Road Club New Year’s Day 10-mile time trial. It’s not too far away from me and the weather forecast was benign, so I had a sober-ish New Year’s Eve and got up early to set off in the dark at 7:30am and ride over to wish him well.

2015-01-01_094425 2015-01-01_093239 2015-01-01_095853 2015-01-01_100106

It was great to see that so many people had come out to race Steve or just be there in that lay-by for the first day. The local BBC TV reporters were there, and Steve seemed much in demand although I did manage get a minute to shake his hand and wish him well. At 10:01am, Steve set off in the time trial with number 1 on his back (Results and report; there are some good photo galleries there too – I’m in one, and in the background here). I hung around for a few minutes more, not tempted to test my legs over 10 miles this early in the year; I was getting cold and decided to set off home for lunch.

Steve’s website is here:, and he’s got some competition from an American rider, Kurt “Tarzan” Searvogel ( (Steve also has a forum nickname which is a little less romantic: “Teethgrinder”.)