Didcot Phoenix CC H10/181 TT. 22:34

I was unsure of my form going into this local TT, I’d had a sort of bug all week that’d left me with sore legs and generally feeling run down – worse than usual after an ironman. I’d not done any interval work all week, as I’d hoped I would do and my sore toe was still giving me trouble: an exploratory jog earlier in the week hadn’t been too successful. I went for a half-hour swim in the morning to loosen up for the race.

At the village hall HQ, as soon as I was ready with my bike and so on, the heavens opened. It was just a passing shower (I hoped) so I sat it out and then rode the 20 minutes to the start for my warm up. I think I was colder when I got there than before I’d started, and although the bypass was dry, a squall was blowing up across the far end of the course. Less than ideal conditions for fast times. Off the start I toughed it out up to the far turn but the bike was a bit of a handful in the gusting winds and then the return leg was largely sheltered so we didn’t get much assistance from the tailwind.

By the time I’d trundled back to the HQ the sun was out again and the wind had dropped – later starters got the benefit of much better conditions, oh well. There were plenty of DNS’s from those who’d looked at the wind and decided not to bother but I’d only finished 10th.  I’d still managed a good ride, power-wise, nice and even and strong (I was using a new Quarq, having traded-in the old Power2Max I’ve been using for the past year or so – the Quarq reads a little higher I think), so evidently my form wasn’t too bad after all- I’ve just got to try to hold it for the last few TTs of the season.