Coventry CC K33/10D TT. 22:10

Only a week after an ironman, perhaps not the best idea but I was curious about the course and it’ll be used for the National women’s and juniors 10-mile TT in a couple of weeks’ time. Needless to say I didn’t feel particularly fresh, and a cool south-westerly breeze did nothing to reassure me that the trip would be worth the ride but I gave it my best shot, riding off a “5” number in the front half of the field.

I rode over to the start for a warm-up. I took it fairly briskly off the start, and although the front trispoke was a bit of a handful in the breeze I coped OK, careful not to push too hard over the opening drags. Out of the bottom turn I had my minute man in sight and overhauled him up the next slight drag. That was that for my race though, as my average power slowly declined and after I’d jumped out of the final roundabout (I had to drag the brakes to let a car through ahead of me) I had nothing left in the tank for the slow rise back up the DC to the timekeeper.

By the time I’d trundled back to the HQ the first half of the field’s results were already in – I was 10th with some fast riders still to come. If I didn’t know better I’d have said I was coming down with a bit of a bug, I’m not normally this tired after an ironman.

Garmin Connect data, average 272W, not special! Last TT with the old Power2Max – it’s up for sale and a sparkly new Quarq Elsa is on the way.