High Wycombe CC 25M TT. 55:14

Not too bad a ride on the H25/2 course at all, notable for what happened to my leg the day before more than anything:

I’d driven back from Southsea in the afternoon (empty roads – the FA Cup Final was on!) but as I was unloading the car I tapped my shin on the car door, didn’t really think much of it and went out for an easy 1h20 on the bike. After I’d got out the shower and was wandering up to the corner shop for milk I noticed a strange sensation in the shin and looking down saw a massive lump had come up where I’d tapped it 2 hours earlier:


Some bruise! Anyway, I kept the leg elevated for the rest of the evening and next morning it’d gone down quite a bit.

I rode the TT in legwarmers, just to protect it a bit and although I felt a bit odd, the ride went OK. I finished 13th fastest, some way behind Adam Topham who’d clipped a few seconds off the course record on what proved to be a pretty fast, warm morning. Garmin Connect data HERE, full results HERE