WLCA 10-mile TT H10/17R. 21:50

A horribly cold, windy day for a time trial with the odd squally shower about, just for good measure. Thankfully the wind was pretty much straight up and down the course and behind us on the longer outbound leg, so apart from fitting a shallow-section Rolf front wheel it didn’t affect me too much.

I played it fairly cautiously on the way out, knowing I still don’t have the top-end power I’d expect later in the season, and then hammered it as much as possible into the wind on the way back to the timekeeper. I still hit over 60km/h on the way out, twiddling along in 55×11 and 12. Neil Pugh had come out to try to capture the action:

2014-05-10_WLCA10_1 2014-05-10_WLCA10_2

The return trip was just a slog into the gusty wind. I was quite glad to get to the timekeeper in 21:50, and an eventual third place (although the fastest two riders, Nick English and Tejvan Pettinger were miles ahead with 20:20 and 20:33), as well as fastest vet on standard.  About a third of the field was DNS and a few had warmed-up and then decided better of it!

Full results here: http://www.mickfountain.co.uk/t14-013.htm