11 million metres

This morning’s steady 10km erg took me past 11 million lifetime metres on the Concept2. It’s only 15 months since I passed the 10 million mark, at this rate I’ll pass the 20 million mark when I’m 60. I seem to be doing more metres on the machine these days – I think I’m getting tired of heading out the door to train and I’m not so worried about the specificity of what I do. It’s all aerobic conditioning, eh?

I’ve had a good couple of months of steady running culminating in 92½km last week, but this week it seems to have caught up with me a bit. A sore tendon in under my left big toe, and a dead leg sensation in my right quad (which I often get in the left leg at this time of year). Just some easy jogging for a few days I think, keeping my Jantastic score rolling along.