Chiltern League XC Milton Keynes

Today’s cross-country was interesting, I’d had a bit of a spur-of-the-moment decision to run in this Chiltern League event. It’s been 22 years since I last ran one. I “guested” for Oxford City AC, and ran in a vest I borrowed from the vets team captain, John Exley who I’d been in touch with in the week. It was three laps/5 miles around some parkland in Milton Keynes and mud, more mud, and hills (I had to walk a few steps of the steepest one on the second and third laps). I was quite glad I’d dug out my old spikes for some grip, although they seemed quite a tight fit and I had sore toes afterwards. Do your feet spread with age?

John finished just in front of me, so we had a chat on the walk back to the club tent. He suggested that perhaps I was a little short of fitness  and maybe I ought to be doing more miles. I told him I’d been doing 40-50 a week through December and January and he thought for a moment and then replied “maybe you ought to make it 60 to 70”!! Er, I don’t think so, at least, not right now. Anyway, I finished about 2/3rds of the way down the pack, my first time in a results sheet with “M50” next to my name, and it was quite an eye-opener about how fast some of the quicker vets are.

Data from Strava. Results sheet here. And, although I didn’t have much to do with it “Chiltern League Oxford City AC XC squad win promotion back to Division One.” (that’s my old friend Ali in the picture – he was racing with OCAC when I last did a XC with them).