Eynsham 10k 41:17

It’s been a while since I’d done any running racing (the Town & Gown 10k in fact), but I felt I needed a few tune-up races in the lead up to next year’s London Marathon. I’ve started to get a bit more running mileage under my feet. My achilles problems seem to be in the past now I’ve cut the heel tabs off all my shoes, although my left knee has been a bit clunky in the last couple of weeks. In the event, it didn’t bother me too much at all, I was more concerned that I’d had a late night the evening before, out at my cycling club’s annual dinner.

It was a cold morning as it always seems to be for this race, but I ran OK in gloves and a long-sleeved helly. Some runners were just in vest and shorts – a bit minimalist for me! On the first lap I fell in with a decent group which slowly split apart on the second lap. My nemesis from the summer Midweek Mota-vation races, Andrew Pike, cruised past me at 6km and there was no way I was going to beat him today. I had enough left in the tank for a decent wind-up in pace over the last kilometre or two and wasn’t too dissatisfied with a final 41:17 clocking on “chip” time, with halves of 20:31 and 20:46, so I didn’t slow down too much. Plenty of work to do in the next few weeks though.

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  1. I’ve recently gone back to doing some running, really small scale and having been out of it for so long; I was amazed how much running shoes have changed. I’m running in a a pair of New Balance bare foot shoes, which feel incredibly good. The down side is that there is very little weather protection on the upper material. The main principle of the shoe design is the removal of the, traditional high heel.

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