Northampton and District CA 10-mile TT 22:01

Quite looking forward to a ride on this F15/10 course, new to me, although it’s been in use for over a year, and came about when the dual carriageway was built to Bedford from Milton Keynes, leaving the old road behind. I used to use it quite a bit, driving to and from the F1 course. In the week I’d done a bit of tweaking to my position on the TT bike, fitted a slimmer rear brake and also bought a new aero hat – a Bell Javelin, which I was pleased to find I could squeeze on a medium size, rather than a large. A smaller helmet is generally going to be more aero than a larger one. My last TT of the season, so I was keen to make it a good one.

Nevertheless, I managed to arrive at the HQ a bit close to my start time (I was going on to Portsmouth to visit Jules after the event and slightly misjudged my packing), so I didn’t have much chance for a decent warm-up. I rode over to the start with Robert Frowen, who was off a minute behind me, and noticed that we’d have a headwind back from the turn. Off the start and down the “gift hill” I was working hard and hit a top speed of 71km/h, and still carried quite a bit of that speed into the first roundabout. I realised at the last moment I had slightly overcooked it but an emergency dab of the brakes got me round. Once I’d got to the far turn, it was a real slog back to the timekeeper into the wind. I hit some bigger power numbers along here and buried myself for the last mile to record a new 10-mile power PB (NP 280W), finishing just a second outside 22 minutes.

In a strong field of 107 riders my time was good enough for 12th place although it was very tight and a few seconds faster would’ve got me into the top-10. It was won in 20:34, a good time given the conditions.

Strava ride data HERE.