Didcot Phoenix CC 10-mile TT 22:51

Saturday afternoon on the H10/181. Despite organizing a couple of “open” TTs and many club events on the Witney bypass course, I’d not ridden it myself for over a year, so I was hoping for a good day. It was not to be, as there was a strong NW breeze blowing, just what you don’t need here. It was warm and dry, so most people still turned up to race.

I wasn’t expecting too much, and even less so since I felt like I’d got a bit carried away with my training the week before, not so much with volume (which would’ve been useful given that I have a 12-hour TT to ride in a week’s time), but with intensity. I decided to throw caution to the wind and hammer up the course – within reason – to the turn into the wind to try and make up time on the hard stuff. That just about worked out OK , and although I was sometimes turning the 11-sprocket on the way back it was fairly ineffective. A little extra effort back to the timekeeper saw me finish in 22:51. Good enough for 8th place [Results], just ahead of a gaggle of riders in the next few seconds.