Leighton Buzzard 10-mile TT 21:28

Since the triathlon I decided I’d give the running a miss for four or five weeks, although what with various things going on I managed my last run on 23rd July,  my birthday, and have been logging a few more bike miles.

This was my first ride on the Leighton Buzzard by-pass (the F12/10 course) and having driven it, it seemed like a decent stretch of road. I was hoping to “train through” the race, and leave myself a taper to the Oxonian 50 the week after, but in the end I hit the wall a bit at the beginning of this week after going too hard on a ride to Northleach on Sunday, and rather limped through my training. I was nice and rested by Saturday having only done a few easy rides.

I warmed up out on the roads, but as I was doing so a squall blew up and at just about the time I got back to the car to put my race wheels in, it was starting to rain. I decided to leave the trispoke front wheel in the car, taking a Rolf front and a disc at the back. Of course, by the time I’d rolled to the start the squall had all but passed and I’d have been OK with the deeper wheel. The first mile or two is down a cutting, so nice and sheltered, and the single-track A505 Leighton Buzzard bypass is nice and wide – there’s plenty of room for traffic to overtake. The road surface is good too.

I blasted it a bit going through the first roundabout and then settled into a good pace, slightly over my target power hoping to extend myself a little. There’s a nasty little rise to the turn which I took steadily and the roundabout was wet, so no need to go mad, especially when a car pulled out in front of me without so much as a backwards glance. I started to die on the way back and my power was dropping off but managed a little push out of the last roundabout for the 500m sprint to the line. Very happy to come 6th, and only just over a minute behind Jon Simpkins (20:08), who’s a pretty useful rider.

NP 278W. HR163(171max). Strava trace [Here]. Photo from TWG photos. Only £5:


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