WTTA 100-mile TT 4:18:11

We were pretty lucky with the weather on this course – just a gentle side-breeze, and the rain held off. I was unsure of my form, so I set the geared TT bike up to be as aero as I could (bottle on the bars, camelbak under skinsuit) and used a HED Jet 6/9 combo for wheels – likely to be a bit more forgiving over this distance. After a bit of banter at the start with Gerry McGarr and John Wynn (the eventual winner, by miles), I set off at a steady pace that got slower each lap. By the end of the 4th lap of the dual carriageway/Latton loop (which we were sharing with the Cotswold 113 triathlon and led to some hairy moments as bunches of triathletes weaved all over the road grabbing bottles from their feed station) I was quite ready for a change and the last two rural laps around Down Ampney, past the stretch of road where I nearly lost my left arm in a bad road race accident in 2003, certainly provided that. I managed to lift my pace a little for the final lap and pass a few more slower riders, glad to get a 100-miler under my belt in a reasonable time.

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