Reading CC 50-mile TT 2:05:01 on fixed

It was looking like it might be a bit damp so I carried on with my fixed gear experiment and decided to ride this morning’s Reading CC 50-mile time trial on 94.5″ (49×14). My fixed bike doesn’t have bottle cage bosses, and although it would be a cool morning I’d still need a drink so I lashed a bottle cage in between the aerobars, triathlete-style. That seemed to work OK although the bottle bounced around quite a bit on the bumpier sections of this course.

There wasn’t too much breeze, so fixed was a reasonable choice although there are a couple of humps and dips on the H50/8 where you lose time, spinning like a mad thing. I hit over 130 rpm in a couple of places. 2:05:01 seems pretty slow for me – either fixed is a bit of a handicap, the bike/position isn’t very aero, or I’m not very fit. Probably a combination of all three!

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