WLCA 25-mile TT

Another outing for the fixed-gear TT bike. This being an open event, the day before I’d upped the gear to 52×15 (93.6″), about as big a gear as the chain I’ve got on there will wrap without dropping down a tooth at the rear sprocket. I’d also fitted an old Cateye Strada computer so I knew what the time was and how far I’d ridden, although it does kind of spoil the clean look of the bike and I might go back to just wearing a GPS watch.

I managed a bit more running in the week before, but my right achilles and left knee were sore again after all that, so I didn’t feel like pushing it too much on the drags of this course (the H25/4 – a lap and a half of the Great Missenden A413). It was cold morning, but worth riding as there were only 14 riders on the startsheet – I was likely to get on the podium, if nothing else! It felt *really* cold when I was warming up so I started out with two baselayers under my skinsuit, but this might’ve been overkill as I started to get quite warm towards the end. I didn’t quite have the oomph to make it on to the podium, finishing 4th with 1:02:14 which might be my slowest ever 25 (including trike rides, I think). Pete Lawrence won it with a speedy 55:32.

Still having fun riding fixed, I might stick with it for a bit more of the season yet. I wish my knee/achilles would quieten down though. I had this idea that I’d just cruise through the year, running four or five times a week, but that’s not going to happen if I don’t take it easy on them. The achilles is particularly annoying – that’s been grumbling along since last August.