10-mile club TT: Longwick

I’ve never ridden the High Wycombe CC-organised Longwick 10-mile club time trial course, but fancied another outing on the fixer so off I went, keen to explore. It had been a lovely sunny day and there was very little breeze so a large field was expected. I signed on with all the “others”, who get to ride after the HWCC league members have gone. There were very many league entries and I didn’t get a start until 7:42.

My warm up was a little bit complicated by the fact that I’d not brought a watch with me (and I’ve not fitted a computer to my fixed gear bike yet) so I found it difficult to judge how long I should be warming up for. Anyway, I had a good ride, there were only a few places where I felt overgeared, and many more where I could have done with something a little larger as I was close to spinning out  – those sections were a good chance for me to catch my breath – I’m still not too fit! I was pleased to stop the clock at 24:22 [Result – I’m down with the “private riders” at the foot of the page]. The fixed gear worked well up the drags to each end of the course and I was lucky not to get baulked at the roundabouts – it can be tricky getting going again on fixed. I was on 50×15 (90″) again and I think I might gear up a little for the weekend’s 25-miler.

This is quite a nice little course and should ride it more often – it’s only a half hour drive from Cowley – even if I do have to hang about while all the league riders have a go. Hopefully it’ll quieten down a bit once VC10 start their Tuesday evening club events on the super fast Tring bypass next month.