Week 17: 23–29 Apr

Monday 23rd
PM. Weights 1h. 4×12 lat pulldown + overhead press + flyes + chest press + curls + abs in between each station

Tuesday 24th
AM. Cycle 118km, steady __ HR128
Took the morning off work for a steady trundle over to Winslow and back. Cold and damp out when I left the house, not nice, although it started to warm up OK in the last hour.
PM. Run 7½km/35, steady __ HR135

Wednesday 25th
AM. Erg 8km, inc. Challenge Series 16:19/4402m (1:51.1) r25, hard __ HR155(167)
Although I never go too well at hard pieces in the morning, with only a cup of sweet tea to fuel me this wasn’t too bad an effort. Another 50m or so would be on the cards for an attempt later in the day, I think.
PM. Run 12km/59, steady easy __ HR134
Another wet day, went out in rain jacket  for a jog. Lower legs oddly stiff and sore.

Thursday 26th
AM. Swim 4500m, steady
PM. Run 10km/62, easy __ HR115
Decent long morning swim. It was going to be 4km, and then just as I got to the end of my 160th length I caught someone in my lane who let me through, so I thought I’d better do another couple more, and soon enough I was on the way to 4½km. Left shoulder pretty sore by the end of it. Lower legs/shins still very stiff and sore, but I’d agreed to go out with Jules for a run around a 10km loop with her, practising for the Town & Gown 10km in a couple of weeks.

Friday 27th
PM. Turbo 32km, inc. 8x3min at +320W (220W 3min rec.), brisk __ HR 134(153)
Av power 262W, cadence 92

Saturday 28th
AM. Turbo 40km, done as 9min @220W + 1min @ 335W steady __ HR133(152)
Av power 241W, cadence 93
PM. Erg 6½km, inc. 10x1min (1min), hard __ HR137(166)
1min: 298m/299m/299m/300m/300m/300m/300m/299m/299m/298m = 2992m (1:40.2) r33

Spent the afternoon marshalling and pushing off at the WLCA 10-mile TT on the Witney bypass. It didn’t look like a great day, overcast and a little damp, but the wind was from the “right” direction for this course – an easterly – and some decent times were recorded. Looked at the weather forecast when I got home and decided I wouldn’t be going to tomorrow’s 25-mile TT in Wales so I got on the erg for some minute intervals. Next month’s challenges are of the sprint variety and I need to get some speed up.

Sunday 29th
AM. Swim 3200m steady
PM. Run 22km/1:43, steady __ HR 141

Very wet, windy day. The 25 got cancelled.

Hours 15:01
A decent enough week’s training despite the atrocious weather – it seems to have been chucking it down most of the time. Although I’m getting plenty of run mileage in, I’ve struggled with stiff and sore lower legs as I sometimes do, but coped with a  longish run on Sunday to make up for missing the 25-mile TT. Feels like I ought to be doing more racing, now that May is almost upon us, but not in this wet weather!

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