Week 11: 12–18 March

Monday 12th
Rest day

Tuesday 13th
PM. Run 16km/1:19, steady __ HR138

Wednesday 14th
PM. Run 16km/1:20, steady easy __ HR133
Forgot to set my alarm so I failed to go swimming before work. Good to back up yesterday’s 16km with another this evening though. Yesterday’s route in the opposite direction.

Thursday 15th
AM. Swim 3200m, steady
PM. Cycle 48km, easy steady __ HR115(147)

Friday 16th
Rest day. I’d planned on getting out for a jog before breakfast but it didn’t quite happen. I took the day off and we went to London to see the Scott expedition exhibit at the Natural History Museum, and wander around a few other galleries. Would like to have seen the Lucian Freud exhibition at the NPG or the Hockneys at the RA, but they were quite expensive, and big queues for both. We still saw some good stuff elsewhere though.

Saturday 17th
PM. Trike 94km inc. Oxonian CC 30-mile hilly TT, hard

22.5km ride over, w/u
30miles: 1:36:24  __HR158(164), 3rd (1st Ralph Dadswell 1:28.xx)
23km w/d, ride home

First time out on the trike this year, so I rode the thing over to the HQ to get used to its quirky handling. I was a cold day and I found this hilly time trial over the climbs around Brill, hard – I never go well in the cold, or this early in the season. Ralph was off 2 minutes behind me and caught me after only 30 minutes at the top of the third  hill, which was a little demoralising. He seemed pretty quick up the hills though and was soon off into the distance. I was caught by my minute man on the next long hill and he quickly gapped me by about a minute, but pegged him right back on the long flat stretch along the A41. We were neck and neck after that – him always slightly ahead. I was glad I’d bothered to fit a triple chainset to the trike for that last climb up Muswell Hill – I was down in the granny ring there, lugging that third wheel uphill. Nice tea and cakes back at the HQ and a gentle trundle back home.

Sunday 18th
AM. Cycle 54km + run 9km inc. Eynsham Roadrunners duathlon

Duo: 4.4km/18.9km/2.1km: 58:16, hard __ HR157(165)
Run: 4.4km/17:31 (6:24 min/mi)
T1 0:42
Cycle: 18.9km/31:12 (22.6mph)
T2 0:40
Run: 2.1km/8:11 (5:59 min/mi)

Another cold morning, although the overnight rain had gone leaving some damp patches about. I rode over on my road race bike, fitted with tribars last night, my racing flats in a bag over my shoulder for this rather informal, entry-on-the-line duathlon. The first run seemed very sharp and there were some quick guys about. I let them go and concentrated on not going too quickly to save some gas for the bike. The cycling section went better, I piled on the pressure back from the turn (we were using the old Stanton Harcourt 10-mile TT course) and I caught and passed five or six faster guys ahead; I was third fastest on the bike. Then back out for one lap of the run course, flat out. I felt like I went better than yesterday, quite a decent race for me. Good to practice my transitions too, all seems well for next week’s Banbury duathlon.

Hours 11:24
Took it easier this week – two rest days and only one early start. Felt like I needed them. Good to get some racing done this early in the season, I’m usually a bit of a late starter but Roth is quite early in July and I think I need to get going. The duo went well, that’s a positive from the weekend’s efforts.

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2 thoughts on “Week 11: 12–18 March

  1. Interesting the Tues/Wed runs and the latter being within a minute, but with an average 5bpm less than the Tuesday. I’ve found that after a coupe of days rest, my heart is higher compared to a similar workout without rest.

  2. I think my HR was lower on Wednesday because my legs were tight from the previous day’s run – I was less able to stress my cardiovascular system (and I ran a little slower on those tired legs too). Yep, my HR also is more responsive/higher after a day or two’s rest.

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