Week 7: 13-19 Feb. Two-Lane Blacktop

Lunchtime. Run 8km/39, steady easy, HR141
Bad night’s sleep – snoozed my 6:30am alarm and went for a jog at lunchtime instead
PM. Erg 9½km, inc 6km TT online RowPro6km = 22:45.5 (1:53.8) r24/25 __ hard, HR163(172)
2km w/u + 1½km w/d
Solid session considering I’d done a run already. There were eight others online but I didn’t have much competition and just pushed it on as best I could.

AM. Swim 3200m/53, steady
PM. Turbo 29km. inc. 4x6min @ +305W (4min @ 22oW rec.), ave. 259W, cadence 94 __ hard, HR140(158)
54:44 (31.8km/h). Not too mind-bending.

PM. Cycle 80km, steady, HR134
24 days since I last went for a training ride on the road. Felt pretty good, the turbo has kept some zip in my legs. We went to Ikea in Milton Keynes for a bit of desk and chair shopping afterwards, not too busy at all.

AM. Swim 3200m/52, steady
PM. Run 22km/1:43, steady, HR143
Just light enough in the evening to get round the ring road cycle path to the Woodstock road for a long flat run. Sore, hot feet for the last 3k – they’ve got soft over the winter.

PM. Erg 16km inc 1hour/15194m (1:58.4) r22/23 online RowPro ___ brisk, HR143(158)

Went to see Two-Lane Blacktop at a late night (11pm) showing at the UPP. I can die happy having seen that in a cinema again. They turned the soundtrack way up loud too, those cars sounded mighty fine!

AM. Run 9km/44, steady easy HR146
Spent the day tidying our spare room with Jules, setting it up with the desk and chair we bought from Ikea a couple of days ago so she can work in there when she’s doing the academic stuff associated with studying to become a paramedic. Some stuff went in the loft, plenty earmarked for the dump tomorrow! Didn’t feel like a second session after all that and we went down the Mason’s Arms with Chris and Anita for the pub quiz.

PM. Cycle 117km, steady easy, HR130
It was likely to freeze overnight (it didn’t in the end) so I went to the dump, did a few jobs around the house, waited until midday before going out. Easy trundle around the Winslow club run route. Cold and breezy but the sun was out.

Hours 14:38
A constructive week’s training now that we’ve had a little thaw in the weather. Managed a couple of road rides and some interval work in between.