Rest day – Physiotherapy 1

My first physiotherapy appointment this afternoon. Almost as soon as I left the office on my bike the weather started with the heavy sleet so by the time I got to the JR2 I was soaked.

I had an assessment from Chris, the Oxford Triathlete I saw a couple of weeks ago at the Trauma Unit, and in between diversionary chats about bikes and training and  so on he worked out what I could and couldn’t do. Filling in the questionnaire before the appointment reminded me of how much my life is still affected by the injury – sleep is interrupted, I’m still taking a couple of paracetamol a day for the pain (Ibupfrofen is an anti-inflammatory and you need the inflammation in the bone break to promote healing, so that’s a no-no), and I can’t do much in the way of chores around the house. He saw me carry my (nearly empty) rucksac into the treatment room left-handed though, and reminded me I’m not supposed to be lifting much with my arm at the moment! I’ve got at least another week before the crucial 6-week healing period is over and my arm bone is strong enough to take more abuse.

He cut me a length of yellow elastic (there was also a red strip, but he thought it too strong for me at the moment – I can always double up the yellow if I need to) to do my exercises with. For that I was charged £1! I was shown three rotator cuff exercises, to be done 3×10, three times a day. I can’t manage them all the way through, or with the full range of movement at the moment, so I have a bit of a challenge ahead of me. Because of the Christmas holiday, my next appointment isn’t until 3 January! That seems ages away.

It rained again on the ride back to the office, pesky weather. Later, back home, having got wet outside enough today, I didn’t feel like doing much training. It was horrible outside and I had presents to wrap. I realised today that there are only 30 weeks to Challenge Roth so I need to pick up the training hours as soon as I’m able.