Turbo 33km (5x5min) + Trauma Unit 4

PM. Turbo 33km inc. 5x5min (5min)/1:03:53 (31.0km/h), brisk, HR147(163)

10 min w/u
5 x 5min @ 300W (5min @ 230W rec.)
9min w/d

Average power 259W
Average cadence 91
Tacx Flow gradient +3

Trauma Unit
Back to the JR2 Trauma Unit for another X-ray and check up this afternoon. I didn’t ask to see my X-ray this time, but had the same consultant as two weeks ago. He seemed keen to have a chat about how things were going, and thought I didn’t need any more X-rays, the healing process was going well, and straight. He gave me the names of a couple of shoulder surgeons, at both the JR2 and the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital (NOC) who would be able to sort out my shoulder surgically if I didn’t regain full rotation, although he was of the opinion that given how far I’ve got with it after just 3 weeks, it would likely be 100%.

He signed me on for physiotherapy (saying “someone as active as you will soon find the exercises they give you trivial”!) and I went straight to that appointment. The two physiotherapists – one of them was an Oxford Tri member, eager to find out what racing I’d done – were keen to just have me keep the joint moving over a decent range of movement. The big danger here is that scar tissue will form and “freeze” it. I have a couple of rotational exercises to do and told not to ignore any pain in the movement – this is not yet the time for “no pain no gain”. I’ve got my first full physio follow-up in 2 week’s time. Cool, I was in a good mood when I stepped on the turbo back home.


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    • Where I cycle, the roads are greasy and quite often with farmers crap all over them, which makes it difficult to have a hard session. I’m ending up riding into slippery bends too hard trying to keep the work rate up, however after several hard turbo sessions, I need a bit of fresh air.

      The turbo is so boring but a good tool.

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