Rest day – Trauma Unit 2

Back to the Trauma Unit this afternoon for my second appointment and X-ray. Being in a bit more of a reflective mood than when I came in last week, straight after my accident, I was able to ask a few more questions and got to see my X-rays.

Basically, the consultant described my humerus as “like a broken egg balanced on a stick”. It’s OK for now but what I don’t want is for the loose “ball” at the top to be displaced in anyway before it heals to the bone below. He sympathised that it was likely to be painful for quite some time yet. I have a couple of other minor fractures in the “greater turberosity” on the outside, caused by the direct impact with the ground, although they’re not such a worry. As long as I keep my arm hanging by my side the two big bits should heal together in a straight line. I asked if I needed the sling and he said it was mainly a precautionary measure for fat people, so it’d be fine just to let my arm dangle if that was more comfortable. They see so many fat people that it’s done as a matter of course – if you’re fat, it pushes the lower bone away from the body, splinting it at a permanently crooked angle and the sling stops this happening!

Here’s what my X-ray looks like, fractures drawn in red. Last week’s and this week’s X-rays were not a lot different. The main fracture is right across the “surgical head” of the bone:

Pretty heavy traffic in Headington when I left. It was a nice evening so I walked home.


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  1. so you did a `jones` on steroids then. !! I smashed the greater tuberosity to bits so theres bits floating around so to speak . but you have gone across the bottom also. Impressive work Oranj !

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