Rest day – Trauma Unit

Had a bit of an assessment of my jacket and jeans. Neither were damaged, just very grubby, as were my trainers. They got chucked in the washing machine. I rang into work sick and Jules drove me back to the JR2 for my 11am appointment. I got seen just before 12, so not too bad a wait.

The consultant thought I had two routes to recovery: (a) conservative 4 to 6 weeks in a sling (you can’t really set your humerus in plaster) or (b) a screw through the top of my shoulder into the bone to set it straight, which’d involve a general anaesthetic, etc. He said he could see I was pretty fit and asked my about what sport I did – that was good! I told him I was concerned about losing mobility in the shoulder joint for swimming. He thought that my chances were good, whichever recovery method they chose, although either had their risks. He wasn’t keen to operate and as I had time to recover in the winter off-season, the slower, conservative approach would be fine. (I am always slightly suspicious though that they don’t want the hassle/expense of arranging an operation. For my part, yet another general anaesthetic and bone operation is not a major worry if it means a better long-term outcome.)

Looks like I’m going to keep my sling for a few weeks yet, and they’ll X-ray the joint every week to check it’s setting straight. If it’s not, they’ll have me in for surgery and put that screw in anyway. I sorted out my appointment for next week and picked up my antibiotics from the pharmacy on the way out. Jules came back over to pick me up and I spent the rest of the day sloping about the house. Pretty knackered with the stress of it all.


2 thoughts on “Rest day – Trauma Unit

  1. Man thats a rough injury. Take it easy and follow the physios word to the letter. You will be using a rubber band connected to a door handle for a couple of months for physio though !!! hope there screwed on well.

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