Cycle 65km

AM. Cycle 65km, steady, HR129(152)

Took the day off work, went for a steady spin in the morning and spent the afternoon faffing about: took some old cardboard and rubbish to the recycling centre and then did some maintenance on my racing bikes – a new front mech for the lo-pro and new brakes and a rear mech swap for the road race bike.

Went to Brookes University Sports Centre in Headington for another meeting about redevelopment of the Harcourt Hill site for cycle sport: grass-track, MTB, BMX & a road circuit. It was a good meeting, although when I left the car park in the dark, turning left on to Cheney Lane, my bike went from under me on the wet road/leaves. I wasn’t going too quickly (I’m never in much of  hurry around town), but I’d pumped up my tyres a couple of days ago. Ironically I’d put off fitting some new ones to my town bike in the afternoon, bah.

I hit the ground pretty hard and straight away knew I’d done something bad. My left eye filled with blood from a cut in my forehead, and my left shoulder was very, very painful – I couldn’t raise my arm. I managed to pick up my bike, walk it back to the bike stands and lock it up before going back into reception, holding a glove over my brow to stem the bleeding. I realised I must be quite a sight – there was blood and road grime all down me, but I asked the receptionist to call 999 for me and a few people left over from the meeting were still around to give me a hand. It didn’t take long for the paramedics to show up and I rang Jules to let her know what I was up to before they carted me off to hospital, plenty of gas and air on the way, and with the cut on my forehead bandaged up. I was in a lot of shock and struggling to breathe slowly, but feeling better by the time we got to the JR2.

Jules showed up soon afterwards and I had a couple of X-rays. Broken my shoulder was the verdict from the X-ray man. My collarbone clearly hadn’t done it’s job and I broken the top of my humerus instead, bugger! We had a bit of a wait, as usual in Minor Injuries, but the triage nurse gave me some painkillers and a sling. Around 1:30am I got six stitches in my eyebrow, some codeine, a ‘scrip for antibiotics and an appointment for my favourite hospital department, the Trauma Unit, the next morning. We got home just after 2am, Jules on her bike, me in a taxi. I managed to drop off to sleep, upright, on the sofa. Don’t think I could’ve managed sleeping lying down.


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