Rest day bowling

Starting to feel more normal.I could probably have managed a spin on my bike but that’s not in the plan.

Got my car MoT’d. It just needed a small amount of work replacing a bolt/rubber grommet thing on the rear anti-roll bar. Cool. Went 10-pin bowling in the evening with Jules’ mates from the Red Cross. I quite like bowling – there is beer and you get to chuck stuff about (much like darts in many ways) – although I am the first to admit I am crap at it, as I am with all sports requiring a bit of hand/eye coordination. We had a couple of beers and burger and chips along the way, a pretty good evening out. When we got home we got a text from the woman organising the evening out to say I’d won the “worst bowler” prize. Out of 17 people, not bad! What’s worse is, the last time I went bowling, with my dept. from work, I also won that prize. Oh well…