Rest day – travelling to St Quentin-en-Yvellines

Not a good night’s sleep – nerves and worrying about the upcoming challenge meant I probably only got an hour or two’s sleep before my alarm went off at 4:30am for the drive to Dover and the ferry. The journey was smooth though. It occurred to me that this is the first time I’ve ever taken a ferry/driven the autoroutes on my own. Paying tolls at the péage was quite tricky, what with the booth being on the “wrong”  side of the car. Got to the gym at Gyancourt just after 2:30pm. It was boiling hot – doing much more than just faffing about brought me out in quite a sweat.

Trying the official jersey for size:

Passed through the bike check OK and picked up my frame numbers, PBP commemorative jersey, timing chip and brevet card OK. Sauntered about for a bit and then drove over to the Formule 1 room I’d booked for the evening. Had a bit of a kip, wandered around to the nearest mini-market for some beer and snacks and then a pizza at the local pizzeria. It was heaving with US and Canadian randonneurs. I enjoyed a half-carafe of red wine and the cheesiest four-cheese pizza I’ve ever had before retiring to the white box of my bedroom. It was still baking hot though and hard to sleep. A thunderstorm at about midnight eventually broke the weather and I think I nodded off some time after 1:30am – not too clever with a long few days in the saddle coming up, but that’s what I am, a bad sleeper, so I’m quite used to it.