Cycle 76km + Selle SMP Dynamic saddle

AM. Cycle 76km, steady, HR133(154)

Booked the morning off to ride Appleton/Appleford. On my Audax bike, testing out a new Selle SMP Dynamic saddle I bought secondhand off the TT forum earlier in the week in case I was still having problems with my saddle sores. It’s got an extreme cut out in the middle and a weird, tipped up at the back/sloping away at the front profile:

I was keen to try it because the large cutout is exactly where I’ve got the worst bruising. It was a simple fit, having the same rail height as the Specialized Alias it was replacing. I did wonder about trying an Adamo saddle, but at over £100 (I’ve never seen any go secondhand), and I’ve also heard that some people have problems with the width of them – they do seem quite wide for my narrow sit bones – I didn’t think it worth the investment.

Riding it was a little odd. The strange shape hugs your arse much more, probably to make up for the lack of contact points in the conventional places. It reminds me a little of the hammocky feel of a Terry saddle I used to use on the tandem. Not uncomfortable. I did notice that the shape doesn’t really give you much room to shuffle about – you’re pretty much stuck in the one position, and my sit bones might suffer over a very long ride as a result. Got home after 2.5 hours not feeling at all uncomfortable; I’m seriously considering packing this in my saddlebag for PBP as a spare.

Here’s my usual Specialized Alias saddle for comparison. It’s a 143 width which spreads the load across my sit bones a bit more, and it also has more padding than the narrower 138 ones I’ve got on my racing bikes, which in other respects I find slightly more comfortable now: