VC10 club 10-mile TT

PM. Cycle ~32km, inc. VC10 10-mile TT, course F11/10 [gmap pedometer]

21min turbo + 2½km w/u
10miles: 20:57 (28.640mph) __ HR161(169)
4½km w/d


A nice still evening, if overcast. Driving over to the event I’d seen there were a few light showers around to the south and sure enough, in Tring it was raining lightly. It did clear up with about half and hour to go before the start though, leaving a cool, damp feel to the air.

I got this one right, for once. I’d taken the morning off work to sort out my trike for the Mersey 24 and do some more bike maintenance, so I took my TT bike over to Tring instead and remembered to pack a turbo trainer for warming up. I did just over 20 minutes on it and got myself nicely warmed up, something I’ll have to do if I ever come back with my trike, I think; it makes such a difference to my ride if I’m warm.

I took the first 3 or 4 minutes to the first turn fairly steadily and cautiously negotiated that – there were still a few damp patches around and with tyres pumped up to 140 psi to cope with the bumps here I didn’t want to risk a spill. Out on the main road back to the start flyover I piled it on and was almost in 55×11 before the gift hill started! I managed to hit 45mph down here and I could’ve done with a 57 chainring to spin, but there’s no room under the mech (I’d need one of the newer shape Shimano front mechs to accommodate it, mine’s a 2001 vintage, I think!). I was still doing a good 27-28 mph all the way to the far turn and reckoned that I was about 10 seconds up on Steve Batsford, my minute man. I struggled a bit coming back and lost a few seconds to him but had a last mad push to the timekeeper and dipped under 21 minutes for one of my fastest ever 10s.

Plenty of happy faces and 20-minute times back at the car park. Michael Broadwith won it with 19:40, the only 19 of the evening. When I was warming up I’d seen he’d had a few bike problems though – the valve on his front tub wouldn’t release when he was trying to pump it up and he borrowed a Zipp 404 off a mate (John McClelland), only to have John puncture warming up and have to borrow it back again. John had a front Kysrium spare, but Broadwith opted to ride the soft tub wheel. I saw him squish it after the finish, it can only have had about 60 psi in it, if that!

I’m only left to wonder what I’d have done on my trike? A mid-22 perhaps? It was good to get a decent time on my bike  though – I don’t race it often on fast 10s these days and my LTS 20-minute ride on the U47 was about to run out at the end of this season.