North Middx & Herts CA 100-mile TT

AM. Cycle 173km, inc. North Middx & Herts CA 100-mile TT. Course F1/100 [Gmap]

6km w/u
100miles: 4:07:40 (24.226mph) __ HR151(162)
7km w/d

Splits 2:00:56/2:06:34

Although the forecast was poor, the rain held off OK. Shame about the strong wind. I struggled to pace this evenly as a result and although I felt like I was hardly touching the pedals in the first hour-and-a-half, still wound up with a slower second half, where many people evenly splitted this ride. The last 15 miles included a couple of 4-mile stretches on the A421 directly into the teeth of the wind which was really hard and probably cost me 2 or 3 minutes.

I didn’t bother with a camelbak as I usually would for a 100, just left a couple of bottles at the Black Cat roundabout and picked those up after about 55miles. Probably cost me 40 seconds to pick them up, plus any aero gains I usually get from the camelbak, but I didn’t have much to race for – just updating my LTS (last three seasons best) time for the bike –  and was quite happy to be a bit more comfortable without it. As well as carbo in my bottles I ate a gel at 1, 2 and 3 hours, just to keep my energy levels up (although given that I faded over the second half, I don’t think that exactly worked as planned!)

Jeff Jones won in 3:39, nearly 20 minutes ahead of the 2nd place finisher. He’d started last and was the first to finish. An astonishing ride in those conditions.

 Shortly after the start

 Fighting the wind on the A421