VC10 club 10-mile trike TT

PM. Trike 29km inc. VC10 club TT, course F11/10

w/u 9km
10 miles: 23:44 ___ HR159(163)
w/d 4km

Plenty of takers for this evening’s time trial on the Tring bypass. It was a fairly calm evening compared to when I last rode here [linky], with a gentle breeze from the north, if a little cold. I warmed up a bit on a back road, but my legs were still feeling sore from Monday’s long ride and straight off the line I knew I wasn’t in for a classic. I got out of breath in the cold air and didn’t have the feeling that I was anywhere near bumping along at my threshold. Managed to keep everything together for the long descent, hoping that I’d pick it up a bit but it never happened and I gasped my way back from the far turn to the timekeeper. Rubbish, and I’d been looking forward to this ride *all* day!

[Results] Plenty of good times, just not my night. Too cold for me, maybe?

Chinese carbon fibre frame
In other news, my cheapo Chinese frame and forks have arrived. It looks great and I’m looking forward to building it up in the next few days.