Chippenham Whls 25m TT

AM. Cycle 57km, inc. Chippenham Wheelers 25-mile TT

w/u 9km
25miles: 54:40  (27.439mph) __ HR160(167)
(actually 25.35miles = 27.823mph = 53:55 equivalent)
w/d 7½km

Fastest: Rob Pears 51:47 [Results]

For once, we got a roadworks and fog-free morning! Only slight hassle was that the start and finish had been moved away from the “clearway” to appease the local authorities (although many other time trials start and finish in not dissimilar locations) and added about 0.35 of a mile to the course.

I felt like I put in a good ride, slightly over-cooked by the time I got to the last 5 miles back to the timekeeper, but if you don’t try hard, you don’t get the results. Riding back to the HQ I expected to find myself further down the results than 12th, only a few seconds behind Rich Harrison from my club, so it looks like I had a good ride.

I’d tweaked my handlebar position yesterday afternoon, going from a “flat” 17-degree 12cm stem to a raised 7-degree, longer, 13cm one. This put my arms further out, in danger of fouling the rule about elbows being no more than 3cm ahead of the centre of the fork top (but who ever checks at a TT?). I’d also raised the ends of my aerobars another cm or two, in the current fashion, and with bolts bought from the local tool supplier, set the elbow rests as close together as they’d go. It all seems to have produced the required effect, although it does feel like I’m riding a chopper compared to how low my aerobars were at the start of the season. Made my shoulders ache a bit too. Oxford City RC won the team prize, and I was 3rd vet. Another £20 towards that Caribbean holiday, eh?

I’d pencilled in a 40-minute run for the evening but it never happened. The early morning start had left me tired and a mid-afternoon nap didn’t help so I decided to bin that idea. First time I’ve skipped a session in a while.