Cycle 51km + Mota-vation race 3

PM. Cycle 51km to race and back (25½km + 25½km), easy. HR 109(140)

PM. Run 9km, inc. Midweek Mota-vation race 3, Combe

w/u 2km
3 miles 1585 yards (6.28km)/ 24:36 (6:17 min/mile) HR 157(167)
[Splits 6:07/6:15/6:35/5:38 (6:14 pace)]
w/d 1km

Nice cool evening for this race. A little bit of rain as I was warming up was fine, didn’t last long. It was slightly odd that Jules was providing Red Cross cover here – I was able to let her know what the traffic was like on the way over though, as I rode past on the cycle paths, with all the stationary traffic on the A40.

Knowing I wasn’t on top form this evening – still a bit tired from the 12-hour and also a kilo or two heavier than usual for this time of year – I lined up a little further back than usual and allowed myself to get a bit stuck behind slower runners at the start. It took me 7 or 8 seconds to cross the line but after that I had a free run. Steady, just a little hard through the down-and-up on the way back, I enjoyed this. About 30 seconds slower than my usual finishing time for this race, not too bad at all. Said hi to Jules at the finish and then got changed and cycled home.