Welsh 12-hour

Trike 417km, inc. Welsh 12-hour TT, hard

2km w/u
12 hours: 247.997 miles 20.666mph ___ HR141(158)
16½km to next timekeeper + ride back to car

[Provisional result] 8th overall, PB, club record, Welsh CA and event record, VTTA record

I’ll add more to this report later, but suffice to say I had a good ride. A nice calm morning gave way to clear blue skies and soaring temperatures with very little wind. My lower back, strained at Wimbleball two weeks ago, got very sore after 4 hours and became a major obsession along with quite a bit of “hot foot”, but I just about managed to cope with it all. At 6 hours I was looking good for +250 miles but backed off a little in the heat, played it safe, and managed to lift my effort on the finishing circuit as the day cooled after 4pm. Three weeks to the Mersey 24 and a bit more time to do some work on stretching/strengthing my back. My long-distance pace looks good though.

Splits (recorded from my computer, which gave the final distance as 249.3, so a bit of an over-estimate) were:

3h/65.6 miles
100 miles/4:35 (results board had it as 4:31.59, I think that’s from the timekeeper at 98.4 miles)
6h/129.3 miles
9h/189.0 miles