Fairmile club 10-mile TT

PM. Cycle 71km, inc. Didcot Phoenix CC 10-mile TT, Fairmile, course HCC241

29½km w/u
10 miles: 22:55 __ HR156(166)
25½km w/d

Nice evening for this club TT – sunny and just a light crosswind. I was steady off the start and the guy a minute behind me took some time out of me to the first turn, but I really turned up the effort for the second 5 miles and pulled back the deficit and a little more. Felt good to have some zip back in my legs again. Mark Cox was fastest with 21:45. [Results]

This is a great course, nice and flat with a good road surface, it’s just a shame there are so many roundabouts – you have to slow for at least four of them, and I’ve come a cropper trying to get round them too fast in the past. They do give you a chance to race your fellow competitors though – you cross several times. The start and finish had changed since I last rode this course (due to traffic calming being introduced on the start/finish road) and I completely failed to see the timekeeper. I blasted past him and kept going for almost another mile before I’d had enough! Had a bit of a chat to the guy behind me at the finish (Ed Headford) – turns out he’s done a fair bit of triathlon.


4 thoughts on “Fairmile club 10-mile TT

  1. I passed the timekeeper and slowed down, but then had a panic that I hadn’t finished the complete course until I saw I had cycled 10 miles!

    The course has changed a bit over the years, but this is definitely one of the faster combinations with slightly more downhill :)

  2. Ed Headford used to be (maybe still is) in the RAF when I took up cycling. if it’s the same bloke but there can’t be too many of them around. Always sounded like an American newscaster to my warped mind.

  3. Yep, he raced in RAFCC kit. Quite an upright TT position, but looked v. strong. Nice, clean polished alloy bike. Told me stories of European ITU races representing UK as an age-grouper.

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