Stadhampton 10-mile TT

PM. Cycle 46km, inc. Didcot Phoenix CC, Stadhampton 10-mile club TT

18km ride to start + w/u
10 miles 23:25 ? __ HR157(166)
12km w/d

A bit of a blowy evening, but I feel like I’m making progress. Legs didn’t ache through the warm up (let alone the race) like they have done lately and I felt I could push the pedals round with a bit more force. (I like to do a few sit-and-spin sprints in the little ring to get my heart rate up, just to prime myself for the race effort ahead.) The wind didn’t bother us too much too, it was mostly straight across the course. Quite pleased with the time. As usual for a club TT I wore a standard road helmet, no shoe covers, no disc (which would’ve been a definite advantage with tonight’s cross-wind).