WLCA 30-mile TT

PM. Cycle 60km. inc. WLCA 30-mile TT. Course H30/8

6km w/u
30 miles: 1:09:00 __ HR166(174)
5.5km w/d


Another blowy afternoon. One of the better 30-mile courses this, and I quite enjoy this distance, its about as far as you can race without having to carry a bottle. I think I overcooked it into the wind and struggled to keep my pace up over the last 7 or 8 miles.  Other than that, it was a good workout. I’d raised my ‘bars a centimetre or two by using a “flat” stem as opposed to the downward sloping one I usually use, and that seemed just as aero and more comfortable. First time out in my UCI Track speedsuit. It’s difficult to get on, but it feels fast.