St David’s

A “rest” day, spent in St David’s:

After a breakfast of bacon sandwiches we got in the cars pretty early and drove over to a beach just north of St David’s for our first activity of the day – coasteering. There was quite a bit of gear to put on – wetsuits and buoyancy aids and so on – and then we were guided off over the rocks and waves, leaping in the sea and climbing about. We finished with some big jumps off disused mining buildings into a lagoon.

After getting dried and changed, we had a hot chocolate from the local ice cream van and then went into St David’s for a quick sandwich for the afternoon’s activity – sea kayaking.

More  clambering into wetsuits and so on and then we we minibussed out to a local harbour. Being inexperienced, I took a “sit-on” kayak. We had a bit of practice in the harbour getting used to the kayaks and then went out into the open sea, racing between rocks and paddling along the coast and back before finishing off with a game of “tag”. Back in St Davids we helped with rinsing the wetsuits down and then I said my fairwell to the others. They were off to the pub for a pint or two, and I had a +3 hour drive to the travelodge I’d booked in Wolverhampton. I was pretty knackered by then and wondering how tomorrow’s time trial was going to go!