Cycle 35km + run 10km. Mota-vation race 1

PM. Cycle 35km to race and back

PM. Run 10km, hard, inc. Midweek Mota-vation race 1

2.5km w/u
4 miles 168yards/24:42 (6:01 min/mile)__ HR161(172)
mile splits:  6:11/5:45/6:05/6:07 + 34secs
1km w/d

Another cool-ish evening. I had a nice tailwind on the ride out to Charlton-on-Otmoor, but that had largely died down by the time we lined up for the start. The “seeded” runners took a flying start and it’s pretty tight through the village so I bided my time through the first mile and found myself on the shoulder of Roy Treadwell, the over-60s champion. He always seems to come past me steadily after the first mile so, it was nice to think I’d not set off too quickly. We traded places for the next mile or two before I faded at the turn just after the three-mile marker and had to let him go. I managed a bit of a sprint to the line but it wasn’t enough to fend off a couple of other fast finishers. Still pretty happy with the result though, much better than last year. My feet were on fire after the finish – very hot and sore. Racing shoes and socks are fast, but a bit minimal.