VTTA 10-mile TT + run 13½km

AM. Trike 35km, Hard, inc. VTTA 10-mile TT

10km w/u
10 miles: 24:45 (24.242mph/39.014km/h) ___ HR147(156)
9km w/d

First time out on the trike this year. A cold and breezy morning; nice and sunny for all that but not the sort of conditions that encourage me to try hard at the best of times. To be honest my head and legs were still tired from Saturday’s effort and I really only started to get going on the leg back from the turn, into the wind. A maximum heart rate of 156 is nothing to be shouting about and Ralph Dadswell smoked me by a good 10 seconds, I have some work to do on my speed! The trike worked OK, although the front mech action was a bit dodgy – I’ve only got an old eBayed Shimano 105 one on there, might think about a bit of an upgrade. Managed to get it in the big ring alright.

PM. Run 13½km/1:04, steady, HR135(147)

Spent a bit of time when I got home fiddling about with the position of the front mech but didn’t really get it quite right – there seems to be a bit of flexibility in the seatpost mount, so I logged on to Ribble Cycles and ordered a new clamp-on Ultegra one. Our BT Internet connection seems to be back up to +6MB so I watched yesterday’s Moto GP – not as exciting a race as the last couple, but still good. Then had a bacon sarnie for lunch and did a few hours digging in the garden followed by some tidying of the garage and sorting out an old bed frame for the spare room. J texted to say she was on her way home from her MTB course, so I headed out for an hour run. Felt pretty tired heading out the door but by halfway I’d perked up a bit. Cold wind!