Cycle 93km. Club hilly TT

AM. Cycle 93km, brisk, HR 133(166)

31km ride to event + w/u
TT: 38.1km/1:06:37 (34.4km/h) asc.376m __ TTHR155(166)
22:02__  HR151(165)
22:10 __ HR155(165)
22:25 __ HR159(166) (baulked by horses 10-15 secs)  
24km w/d + ride home

A foggy cold ride out to this morning’s hilly TT – three laps around Long Hanborough/Stonesfield. Just on my road bike, no tribars. A reasonable ride, the fastest time was a 1:01. I didn’t feel like I had much top-end to offer, I need to work on my limits on the bike. I was about 10th of 21 riders.

Planned on going for a run later, but I spent the afternoon swapping tyres and cassettes on various wheels and cabling up my trike, eating a chocolate egg as I went along. Had a moment of revelation with the trike – the indexing was always a bit dodgy last year – but I found that if I moved the position of the rear mech leftwards closer to the sprockets (it’s adjustable on a trike), the indexing worked just fine, all 10-speeds OK. Evidently the Ultegra mech doesn’t like to reach out too far at the end of its travel. By the time I’d sealed the cable ends and taped the bars it was gin-and-tonic o’clock; the run will have to wait for another day.