Maidenhead Easter 10

AM. Run 20km, inc. Maidenhead Easter 10 mile running race, Hard

2km w/u
10 miles: 1:05:42 (6:34 min/mile) __ HR 166(176). Place 75th/929 (5th in age cat)
6:23 __ HR155(165)
6:32 __ HR163(167)
6:26 __ HR163(167)
6:42 __ HR166(169)
6:41 __ HR166(168) __ half 32:43
6:25 __ HR167(169)
6:30 __ HR168(173)
6:38 __ HR171(174)
7:01 __ HR171(175)
6:25 __ HR174(176) __ half 32:59
2km w/d

A very warm day for the Maidenhead Easter 10. Jules was running, as her early season target, and I was hoping to assess my form for the coming year. Although I’d done quite a bit of running in the last couple of months, I’d managed not to lose quite the weight I was hoping, so I had a fairly cautious first half, which, given the heat, probably helped me maintain form for the second five miles. Once I’d relaxed into my stride, miles 4 to 8 fairly flew by and this turned out to be one of my better 10-mile runs. I’ve never minded running in the heat much though. Jules had a decent run, 10-minute miling to the finish; I joined her for a bit as part of my warm-down. We went home to celebrate with easter chocolate and a relaxing afternoon in the sunshine.